Nectar of Devotion- Free Download

Nectar of Devotion- Free Download


Below is the audio from “Nectar of Devotion-  Exploring the Nine-Fold Path of Bhakti Yoga.”  It was recorded live at Om Shala in Arcata, CA on Feb 20th 2016. The description of the event is as follows:

The great yogic text the Ramayana has outlined 9 steps to open our heart and live in the presence of Grace. Using this as our guide, we will weave together kirtan, scripture, poetry, and the stories of yogic saints, creating a tapestry of devotion to unlock the deepest reaches of our Being.

The Nectar of Devotion workshop ran for 2.5 hours, over half of which was devoted to chanting. I have edited this audio considerably, cutting out most of the kirtan except for short, 2-minute excerpts of the chants for the sake of continuity.

 download  (right click to “save as”) OR listen on Itunes

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