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The gods and saints never stopped showering us with flowers. We have just forgotten how to walk on this earth lightly as if every step pressed into a petal to release its sweet fragrance.

Don’t Worry

Don’t Worry, this pain you are feeling is nothing more than the excruciating agony of two holes drilled in your back and wings shoved in.


Taste your sorrows the way a caterpillar sinks his feet in the mud- each of his leg hairs tremble as they lick the wet, savory earth.


You crack open my head like a coconut, snap off my wrist, and use my finger as a straw to suck out my water. My hand is a spoon to scoop out my meat. I am carved deep and empty. What remains of my shell is in love with you madly.

True Conversion

True conversion is not the swapping of words, the trading of dogma or the switching of casings that harden the heart. It is when the shells shatter from a swelled heart blossoming that we are truly born again. Read More: Poetry