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I tried to be a saint once; it didn’t work. So now I carry a pocketful of zippers when I walk into town. I lay them on the sidewalk and pull on their sliders, separating the concrete to reveal the sweet mystery of light and sound that bounces between bamboo stalks when played upon by…
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Let me touch my lips to your cheek, so I may swallow your tears. Then, maybe they will enter my bloodstream, and I can finally feel your preciousness with my entire body.   From and for God Order your copy today


What I most want to do tonightis wrestle the sky, graba good-sized chunkand wring it like awet ragfor a single dropof light.   From and for God Order your copy today      


Can we be bonded by a faith like this? where our own existence is enough? and our faults seem to vanish in its ocean of magnificence the way a mosquito seems to vanish as it dances across the sun? This here we are is the gateway into a Love so abundant that ripe plums weigh…
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No true poet claims to create beauty; he discovers it the way a tambura player discovers that perfect place on the string to stroke. Deep within your soul there is an antique table where the two Buddhas, Sorrow and Joy, sit to have tea. Their arms rest on the table’s edges as they lean close…
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I am in one of those moods again where I just want to kiss anything that moves. I would even kiss the Sun if he would let me, but instead he has climbed down his own sunbeam and nestled in my heart. Now, when I kiss the plants, the insects, or the Moon, they burn…
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True Conversion

True conversionis not the swapping of words,the trading of dogmaor the switching of casingsthat harden the heart. It is when the shells shatterfrom a swelled heart blossomingthat we are truly born again.   From and for God Order your copy today

what It is

Sometimes at night, or in the early morning when dim-orange streetlamps reflect off wet pavement, and silent breeze becomes truly silent, I finally see a tree as a tree, and my footsteps sound real.