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Beliefs Masquerading as Truth

Truth is that which can stand on its own. It needs no support. There is no amount of evidence or reasoning that can either prove or disprove Truth. We often call this type of knowing faith. But there is quite a bit of confusion about faith. Faith comes from the heart. It cannot be found…
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I see a bright crescent forming like a smile at the bottom of your pupil. (This is how pain condenses to honey.) I unwrap the wool from my body and allow this thick nectar to soak through my skin.   From and for God Order your copy today

Mustard Seed

  This is the faith found folded inside the absence of all things,   existing not for god or for man or the angels but for its own Existence.   It’s what’s left when loss and confusion have stripped away the nail from where the universe hangs.   From and for God Order your copy…
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Let me touch my lips to your cheek, so I may swallow your tears. Then, maybe they will enter my bloodstream, and I can finally feel your preciousness with my entire body.   From and for God Order your copy today


A log cannot jump out of the flame. So, what good can resistance do but grant a few extra moments of intense burning?

Don’t Worry

Don’t Worry, this pain you are feeling is nothing more than the excruciating agony of two holes drilled in your back and wings shoved in.   From and for God Order your copy today


An unharvested tree will only produce rot. Even a goddess will sour if trapped in a box. Tonight my back aches from the weight of wings unused.   From and for God Order your copy today


No true poet claims to create beauty; he discovers it the way a tambura player discovers that perfect place on the string to stroke. Deep within your soul there is an antique table where the two Buddhas, Sorrow and Joy, sit to have tea. Their arms rest on the table’s edges as they lean close…
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Taste your sorrows the way a caterpillar sinks his feet in the mud- each of his leg hairs tremble as they lick the wet, savory earth.   From and for God Order your copy today


You crack open my head like a coconut, snap off my wrist, and use my finger as a straw to suck out my water. My hand is a spoon to scoop out my meat. I am carved deep and empty. What remains of my shell is in love with you madly.