spiritual support

I am a licensed therapist in the states of Oregon and California. For those interested in working with me in an ongoing way, visit my therapy webpage at: https://centerforlovingawareness.org/

I also offer some limited donation-based spiritual support sessions through the Sacred Community Project. This is offered freely as Seva to ensure everyone has access to the Eternal Teachings. If, out of a feeling of gratitude you want to give, a donation link will be provided for my service work with Sacred Community Project.

Something beautiful happens when we come together to open the heart: we help each other create space for that Ineffable, Transformative Love to emerge.

Many of us live in environments where we don’t have much support from a greater spiritual community. This can leave us feeling isolated when:

A transpersonal experience has shattered the world as we know it…

We want to calibrate our lives towards service, reverence, and the Sacred…

After years of relishing in the juice of connection, we enter a dry spell and feel stuck in our practice…

We want to use our spiritual values, insights, and worldview to navigate grief, loss, relationships, life transitions, closing chapters, or new beginnings.


It is my hope to offer a safe space to explore the fullness of our humanity.