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Timeless lightning stretching, brimming, melting into melting into God.

Love Service Wisdom Podcast

Radha Weppner recently invited me to be on her podcast, Love Service Wisdom. We covered a range of topics but ended up settling nicely into a sweet devotional space together at about 46 minutes into the conversation. We also discuss the new temple being built at Hanuman Maui! I had a lovely time.   Listen…
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Ten Laws Podcast with East Forest

East Forest and I have a great discussion around such topics as service, Ram Dass, and spiritual names, and I read an excerpt from my book. Check out the podcast on your favorite app here.     Related Posts: Mindrolling Podcast One Mantra Festival Interview Under the Blanket Podcast Message to Pandemos International Quantum Alignment…
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Under the Blanket Podcast

I was recently invited to be on the Under the Blanket Podcast. It’s very unique: each episode is only 30 minutes in length, and I felt it made for a fun and engaging conversation.   Under the Blanket Podcast From the Description: Inspired by the hippie bible Be Here Now and our blanket wearing guru…
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Mindrolling Podcast

I was recently a guest on Be Here Now Network’s Mindrolling Podcast. It was a pleasure to chat with Raghu Markus about grace, non-dual devotion, Ram Dass, the Guru, Loving-Awareness, discriminating wisdom, and opening the heart. Check it out here Related Posts: One Mantra Festival Interview Stuart Watkins Podcast Message to Pandemos International Quantum Alignment…
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One Mantra Festival Interview

I was recently interviewed by One Mantra Festival as a prelude to their upcoming event: “Chanting for Ram and Hanuman,” which will be a 24-hour worldwide event of chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. We discussed Hanuman, the Hanuman Chalisa, Neem Karoli Baba, Ram Dass, chanting kirtan, Love, Grace, and all of the other usual suspects. I…
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Stuart Watkins Podcast

I was recently a guest on the Stuart Watkins Podcast. On it, we discuss Ram Dass, Love, Bhakti, kirtan, Hanuman Maui, Kripa, and the recent album that Kripa produced, “A Bhaktimala for Ram Dass.” About the Stuart Watkins Podcast: Each week Stuart dives deep into a wide range of topics, all focused on inspiring humanity…
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New Book Announcement!

From and for God is an intimate and contemplative collection of writings on the spiritual path. Through poetry and prose, Sitaram Dass honors his teacher and shares his heart’s journey on the path of Love.

Message to Pandemos International

I was invited on behalf of Kripa to speak on the path of service and love for the Pandemos International Youth Conference. It was a true honor to be a part of it, and it is my true hope that my words were of benefit to the youth. I know that even just the thought…
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Radical Unknowing

Radical unknowing: the recognition that in each moment all we have to guide us is our own intuitive heart, and yet there is no way to ever know where each step will land, whether it will lead us towards our destination, or whether our destination is even where we want to go. I am reminded…
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