Music, Meditation, and Workshop Recordings

“The Puja Room Recordings” is a collection of songs that have developed from my personal practice, and I don’t sing most of these at kirtan. The cover art captures my puja room, which is a tool shed that has been converted into a temple. My tool-shed temple has many blemishes, but I know Maharajji lives there. It is my sincere wish that, for any blemishes that this album may have, it serves as a doorway to our inherent, indwelling Grace.
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This is a collection of talks and chanting from an event, “Transformative Ecstasy: exploring the inner essence of the devotional mood,” that was recorded live on 9/28/19 in Arcata, CA.

These talks include short readings from two texts: Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas (Gita Press) and Shyam Das’s telling of the Rasa Lila, Inner Goddess. If you found these passages inspiring, it is my sincere wish that you dive into these Holy Books and drink from their intoxicating well.

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I am a part of a kirtan and service collective, Kripa, committed to the wide accessibility of Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga by offering affordable, donation-based offerings, spiritual support, and prison outreach.

Here are three songs I have offered to this collective project, but I highly recommend checking out the entire music collection here. Each member and song is extremely unique, and it is the blessing of a lifetime to be able to be a part of this.