Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

I was recently a guest on the Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life Podcast. Nadia is a great host and a wonderful person. Check out the episode page, including clips, transcript, and links to your favorite podcast app, here:     Related Posts: Everyone is Everything Podcast Be Where How? Podcast Mindrolling Podcast…
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Sacred Community Retreat: Awakening the Heart through the Path of Grace

July 28-30th 2023 Salt Spring Island, British Columbia More than a retreat, this is an exercise in Sacred Community… An interspiritual gathering rooted in the lineage of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba and centering the teachings of Bhakti Yoga and Buddhism. Anchored with mantra, meditation, and ritual, the core practice of this retreat is…
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Everyone is Everything Podcast

I was a recent guest on the Everyone is Everything Podcast. It was a lovely discussion around Ram Dass, using curiosity as a bridge towards Loving-Awareness, clinging, mantra, and listening to the heart. Listen here: Related Posts: Be Where How? Podcast Mindrolling Podcast baby teeth podcast  

Music Release: Bhavtape

On Friday, 1/20/23 at 4pm PST, I livestreamed my devotional mixtape, “Bhāvtape,” a collection of music and video recorded between 2020-2022. Three of the songs were preorecorded live, and the fourth is a live kirtan audio recording put to a generative video. Watch the videos below and play the songs on your favorite music app…
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Mantra, Devotion, and Grief – A Live Meditation Recording

  In this live meditation recording, Sitaram Dass uses the mantra, SitaRam, as an anchor to bring our devotional heart into the presence of grief. In this way, we are reminded that our hearts are capable of holding the entire human experience. More meditations and workshop recordings are available on the SCP website here:…
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baby teeth podcast

I had a great conversation with Zander (they/them) on the baby teeth podcast. Listen on your favorite podcast apps here The baby teeth podcast unfolds from the depths of our collective wisdom. Guided by host zander, it explores spiritually-grounded conversations around topics like devotion, duality, identity, community, and the vastness of the all-encompassing reality, known…
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voice cracks like a levee undam(n)ed river juggernaut tantrum drenched ecstatic uprooted, downstream everything’s gone

Exploring the Hanuman Chalisa Videos

A clip from the live stream lecture series that became the audiobook, Exploring the Hanuman Chalisa, now available as a digital download through the Sacred Community Project here: I am in the process of adding a bunch of new content to the Youtube Channel. Subscribe Here Related Posts: Exploring the Hanuman Chalisa From and…
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Exploring the Hanuman Chalisa

The Sacred Community Presents: Exploring the Hanuman Chalisa This audio was recorded from over nine different livestreams throughout 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In these lectures, Sitaram Dass explores each line of the Hanuman Chalisa, using sacred scripture, humor, modern psychology, and stories from his time serving his beloved teacher, Ram Dass. In this way,…
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Brooklyn Kirtan Collective

  Here is the video from yesterday’s livestream through Brooklyn Kirtan Collective, and below is a short clip from the event.   Related Posts: One Mantra Festival Interview Transformative Ecstasy: exploring the inner essence of the devotional mood New chant “Piano Stotram” out now