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I was a guest on the Quantum Alignment Podcast

Earlier this month I was a guest on the Quantum Alignment Podcast with host Dr. Pepper Hernandez. We discussed the usual suspects- Bhakti Yoga, kirtan, the importance of daily spiritual practice, suffering, grace, psychedelics, and Ram Dass, to name a few.  It was just posted yesterday, and I am excited to share it here.

Each podcast and interview I do get a little easier and smoother, and I am excited for these continued opportunities to discuss these spiritual matters as they relate to life’s deepest questions- Who are we, what is the nature of reality, and how are we to navigate this material plane. This, in my view, is a worthwhile and fulfilling endeavor.

Radio Interview

About a year ago, I was interviewed by Reverend Derek Moody and Sister Tracy on the Church of Rock radio show out of Southern Oregon (KSKQ 89.5 FM & 94.1 FM). They just recently posted this on their youtube channel. We discussed our love for Ram Dass, the power of living from the heart, Be Here Now, and kirtan as a rudder for living in this material world. The interview lasted for about 10 minutes, and after they played “Jaya Hanuman” from my latest album, The Puja Room Recordings.

I was also recently on the Humboldt Lighthouse Podcast, and I will be on the Quantum Alignment Podcast in September.

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I was the guest on “The Humboldt Lighthouse” podcast

I was recently interviewed by Nate Hankes on The Humboldt Lighthouse. We had a great conversation that covered all of my favorite topics- Grace, God, the Guru, Ram Dass, psychedelics, Maharajji, suffering, systemic oppression and our complicity with it, spiritual bypass, not holding too tightly to any concept or understanding, mental health, kirtan and Hanuman. I really enjoyed my time with Nate, and I hope you enjoy listening.

You can listen to his podcast on Itunes, Google Play, or directly from his website here:


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I was a guest on the “Mind Left Body” podcast

I recently returned from Maui, and I am feeling recharged and reinvigorated. Expect to see lots of new content in the next few weeks, as well as an updated kirtan schedule.  There are already lots of new dates lined up, so check out the schedule page! If you want to see me in your area, write to me at sitaramdass108@gmail.com


At the Ram Dass retreat, gurubhai Muid and I were able to sit down with Bharat (Michael Morey) for a podcast at Mind Left Body. This was my first time interviewed on a podcast and it was quite fun!  Muid and I told many funny stories from our time living with Ram Dass, and there was lots of laughter as well as gushing over how much we love him. ❤ 🙂  At the end of the podcast is a sneak peak of a song that will be on my upcoming album, soon to be released!

Listen to the podcast here!  (Or listen on Itunes)


Ram Dass's presence, Ram Dass's living room, and Ram Dass's puja table are my favorite place to sing in the world!

Although the retreat was wonderful, the highlight for me was spending the week with Ram Dass after the retreat ended. It felt so good to jump back into my old routine and to serve in what ways I could. I also got to sing in RD’s living room to my favorite puja table on the planet!

Ram Ram ❤

Nectar of Devotion- Free Download

Below is the audio from “Nectar of Devotion-  Exploring the Nine-Fold Path of Bhakti Yoga.”  It was recorded live at Om Shala in Arcata, CA on Feb 20th 2016. The description of the event is as follows:

The great yogic text the Ramayana has outlined 9 steps to open our heart and live in the presence of Grace. Using this as our guide, we will weave together kirtan, scripture, poetry, and the stories of yogic saints, creating a tapestry of devotion to unlock the deepest reaches of our Being.

This workshop ran for 2.5 hours, over half of that was devoted to chanting. I have edited this audio considerably, cutting out most of the kirtan except for short, 2-minute excerpts of the chants for the sake of continuity.

 download  (right click to “save as”) OR listen on Itunes