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The Nectar of the Name- A Story about Kirtan, Lila, and the Hanuman Chalisa

“People don’t know- every line of the Hanuman Chalisa is a Maha Mantra” –Neem Karoli Baba  Many of us have come to kirtan and felt inspired, felt our sorrows lifted, or even experienced a deep healing or surrender. These are beautiful experiences that are meant to be cherished, but they are also ultimately just initial…
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Psychedelic Awakening

These medicines will allow you to come and visit Christ, but you can only stay two hours. Then you have to leave again. This is not the true Samadhi. It’s better to become Christ than to visit him – but even the visit of a saint for a moment is useful. But love is the…
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This Love has Room for Our Protest

*This was slightly edited on 1/5/20 in light of the death of Ram Dass’s body in order to make this the most perfect offering I can. Without me even noticing it, the conversation evaporated into silence. Ram Dass simply looked at me, and I melted into the chair, filled with love. I looked across the…
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An Encounter with Christ

It doesn’t matter to me anymore what I even believe about this event. Over the years I have looked at this from all sides- Jungian depth psychology, set and setting, western esotericism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism… The truth is, at my core, I am not so interested in beliefs. It doesn’t matter what I believe about…
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This (blade of grass)

The bottom half folds into the stem the way some tongues do, cupping a soft streak of shadow. The top half glistens with sparkle and subtle sun glaze. It bends forward to a slightly drooping tip. Beneath it hangs a bold sphere of dew; ( It could be any blade of grass, but its not…
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It’s the subtlest of the subtle that we give our hearts to- deeper than a smile, softer than an eyelash, the way a cat’s paws barely lend their weight to the mattress, the way they prowl with those slow swooning purrs, the way they gently nudge two sleeping eyes awake.


I see a bright crescent forming like a smile at the bottom of your pupil. (This is how pain condenses to honey.) I unwrap the wool from my body and allow this thick nectar to soak through my skin.   From and for God Order your copy today

Collapsing the Distance

This is what Thank You means- it is when the pores become so wide that the wind can slip through the skin and tickle the heart. It is acceptance with Love. And it draws our surroundings closer- the chair, the ocean, the trees… it brings them inside. It holds the atoms in my body together,…
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The Way the Earth is Lit

I have heard it was said by them of old time that the Moon borrows her light from the Sun. But I say a beauty as great as the Moon’s inspires a great lover, and it was this muse that sparked the Sun’s flame. The Sun’s sweet ballads of love and longing share the Moon…
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…it is Thank You and I Love You, it is Joy and it is Yes! it is the rising sun revealing a soft pair of hands sprinkling salt on the snow-covered sidewalk.   From and for God Order your copy today