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Intuition- the Wisdom of the Heart

I haven’t posted an article on here in 5 months. This is the longest I have gone in several years. I have about 10 different unfinished projects- some of them blog posts, some of them writings for other mediums, workshops, a kirtan tour that starts in only a few days, and then the swirling raw energy of ideas, those potentialities that come and go as I wait to see what will solidify as the first jottings of my journal.

Sometimes writing is like tunneling a hole into a rock with the slow, torturous drip of water. Other times it is a sculptor patiently inviting a wooden log to reveal its hidden shape. Today it is a sailor lost at sea when unexpected winds hit, and I jump from my slumber to raise the sails.

This is an apt way to start this piece, for the topic is intuition, or the trust in our own deepest wisdom. As far as I can tell at this stage of the journey, it is all we have.

Fierce and liberating, it is this Groundlessness of Being that I am referring to, the realization that there is no external authority, nothing solid to cling to. I may seek guidance from wise teachers, counselors, and experts, look to peer-reviewed journals, follow the scientific method, or surrender to a Sacred Text or Guru, but it is the Still, Small Voice within that leads the way.

I am not claiming that we are each separate islands, as Carl Rogers once claimed. This, too, grew out of his own trust in his intuition, but it was formed at a time before we suspected individualism’s invisible hold on our thinking.

I don’t believe there is some “me” that is separate from “you.” Though our wells may appear to be different, we are drawing from the same Source. Rather than build bridges between islands, I see my work as dissolving the illusion of walls.

But I don’t blame Rogers for this mistake. I have found that my intuition is always better in retrospect and constantly clouded by the invisible programming of dominant discourse. Continue reading