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voice cracks like a levee undam(n)ed river juggernaut tantrum drenched ecstatic uprooted, downstream everything’s gone


Timeless lightning stretching, brimming, melting into melting into God.

What do you want?

He asked if I could feel my heartbeat in my fingernails. “Take three more slow, deep breaths,” he said. Then he asked if I could feel it in the front of my teeth.

I lifted a slight smile as my heart pulsed in my mouth like a subtle toothache. Now I was ready for the question.

“Sitaram… What do you want?”

Ripples in the Pond

We have never once in our history been separate. We have always been linked to one another for survival, and our joy and our sorrow have never truly been our own.  Every action, every word, every thought… they broadcast new strands of connection at every moment.  This is an inescapable truth- we cannot disconnect these…
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What’s in a Name?

They say that these are revealed Names, that ancient Rishis pulled these from the depths of consciousness and placed them in this world as gateways to that Infinite Abode. They say there is something invariably healing about these vibrations, that they melt the ego as they ripple through our being. They say that these Names…
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The word, “nirvāṇarūpaṃ,” rests in the first line of Tulsidas’s devotional poem, “Rudrāṣṭakam.” It is a compound word that means, “the form of nirvana.” It is referring to Lord Shiva, and the particular book I am reading translates it as, “eternal bliss personified.” That is a lovely translation, one that plays my body like a…
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Because the World Needs Us

I have been writing much about suffering, so today I thought I would write about love. It’s difficult to discuss it in a way that is fresh and alive. The word itself died long ago in the coffin of cliche and teenage romance. What good will saying it one more time do? When I first…
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It’s the subtlest of the subtle that we give our hearts to- deeper than a smile, softer than an eyelash, the way a cat’s paws barely lend their weight to the mattress, the way they prowl with those slow swooning purrs, the way they gently nudge two sleeping eyes awake.

Autumn’s Cry

A leaf lightens into gold and leaps from the branch to the sky. What whirling what spinning what dancing what joy! (It is jealousy that clings the other leaves to their branches, but only for so long.) Autumn knows this secret- that we are all becoming beautiful together. From and for God Order your copy…
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A forehead splits down the center like a lightning-struck tree and swings open like doors on the hinges of each ear. A flock of birds flies like smoke from the opening, and the heart sings praises to their wings.