This Time

This Time

This time
     let me be open-
no bait, no traps, no clever
schemes, no hooks or ropes...
The moon doesn't try 
to lasso the sun, for she knows
her ropes will burn. Instead
she basks in the light.
     With open arms
I will wait.

From and for God

From and for God

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  1. lovin it!

    i love bit about the sun and the moon and the lasso – alhumdulillah!

    in the class with shahabuddin we were talking about acting from the silence, acting as a response to what’s going on, instead of reacting.

    the equation that came out (as it’s a seminar on will power) was that “suppressing feelings takes away opportunities to strengthen the willpower, but suppressing reactions creates opportunities to strengthen and grow the willpower.”

    the ole respond not react thing but i feel like thats the philosophy of the artist too – the feelingness of the empty moon waiting for a sunbeam.

    it reminds me also – in its intensity of intent – to be completely open – of the waiting with intention for god – godot – or waiting for gabriel by hafiz in the desert with the circle around him.

    anyhow you probably know most of this but wanted to send you some love –


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