I tried to be a saint once; it didn’t
work. So now I carry
a pocketful of zippers
when I walk into town.

I lay them on the sidewalk
and pull on their sliders, separating
the concrete to reveal

the sweet mystery of light and sound
that bounces between bamboo
stalks when played upon
by the wind.


From and for God

From and for God

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  1. this is one of my favorite ones lately.

    it has a little bit of a jeremy quality in it somehow – i think of him unzipping computer screens and showing all these crazy videos. a much more peaceful version…zen version…not the tool version, hah!

    but i love this image and with that i had a better talent for this skill. perhaps i’ll kindle it within me.

    there’s bamboo in the backyard where i live so i’ll get the bamboo in on it.
    akbar chris

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