Compassion, Privilege, and Spiritual Practice

I just finished spending time at the “Ram Dass Spring on Maui Retreat.” An incredible lineup of teachers was present, including Lama Surya Das, Mirabai Bush, Saraswati and Raghu Marcus, Nina Rao, Rameshwar Das and Shantala. Of course, for me and many others, our reason for being there was Ram Dass. It’s hard to put…
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This (blade of grass)

The bottom half folds into the stem the way some tongues do, cupping a soft streak of shadow. The top half glistens with sparkle and subtle sun glaze. It bends forward to a slightly drooping tip. Beneath it hangs a bold sphere of dew; ( It could be any blade of grass, but its not…
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Improv Chalisa

Today during my morning puja I was messing around with some chords and improvising a Hanuman Chalisa. I thought I would share with y’all what I came up with, so I recorded this 🙂  

Faith and Suffering

I love suffering. It brings me so close to God -Neem Karoli Baba These words have often been my lifeline when it feels like I can’t breathe. When the constriction from my own mind has cut me off from the world, and when I am unable to connect with anything or anyone outside of myself,…
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Beliefs Masquerading as Truth

Truth is that which can stand on its own. It needs no support. There is no amount of evidence or reasoning that can either prove or disprove Truth. We often call this type of knowing faith. But there is quite a bit of confusion about faith. Faith comes from the heart. It cannot be found…
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The Co-opting of Spiritual Practice by our Capitalist Culture

Yoga and meditation have gone mainstream, and it seems psychedelics are on their way too. Now all we need is an authentic spirituality. Yoga and meditation, once considered to be relics of the 60s, are now practiced throughout the country. Google offers classes for its employees. Nike, Yahoo and HBO offer classes. It’s being offered…
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Protesting the Protest

The anti-abortion movement in our country is picking up steam, and they organized a national de-fund Planned Parenthood day on Saturday, Oct 10th. There was a big protest planned in Ventura, CA, and so Jamie and I decided to attend in support of Planned Parenthood. Obama has clearly stated he will veto any bill that…
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It’s the subtlest of the subtle that we give our hearts to- deeper than a smile, softer than an eyelash, the way a cat’s paws barely lend their weight to the mattress, the way they prowl with those slow swooning purs, the way they gently nudge two sleeping eyes awake.


I see a bright crescent forming like a smile at the bottom of your pupil. (This is how pain condenses to honey.) I unwrap the wool from my body and allow this thick nectar to soak through my skin.

Collapsing the Distance

This is what Thank You means- it is when the pores become so wide that the wind can slip through the skin and tickle the heart. It is acceptance with Love. And it draws our surroundings closer- the chair, the ocean, the trees… it brings them inside. It holds the atoms in my body together,…
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