Collapsing the Distance

This is what Thank You means- it is when the pores become so wide that the wind can slip through the skin and tickle the heart. It is acceptance with Love. And it draws our surroundings closer- the chair, the ocean, the trees… it brings them inside. It holds the atoms in my body together,…
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The Way the Earth is Lit

I have heard it was said by them of old time that the Moon borrows her light from the Sun. But I say a beauty as great as the Moon’s inspires a great lover, and it was this muse that sparked the Sun’s flame. The Sun’s sweet ballads of love and longing share the Moon…
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Autumn’s Cry

A leaf lightens into gold and leaps from the branch to the sky. What whirling what spinning what dancing what joy! (It is jealousy that clings the other leaves to their branches, but only for so long.) Autumn knows this secret- that we are all becoming beautiful together. From and for God Order your copy…
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…it is Thank You and I Love You, it is Joy and it is Yes! it is the rising sun revealing a soft pair of hands sprinkling salt on the snow-covered sidewalk.   From and for God Order your copy today


A forehead splits down the center like a lightning-struck tree and swings open like doors on the hinges of each ear. A flock of birds flies like smoke from the opening, and the heart sings praises to their wings.


You are huddled against a flower’s stamen, naked and much too cold to smell the fragrance soon to overtake your world. This void-black sky is the outstretched arms of rose petals, enclosed over you like a domed cocoon, fingers meeting high overhead and interwoven like strands of a grandmother basket. **Gasping Amazement! (sucking in) …haaaaaaa…
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What would be left of you for me if I no longer wanted you to be a something else?   From and for God Order your copy today



I tried to be a saint once; it didn’t work. So now I carry a pocketful of zippers when I walk into town. I lay them on the sidewalk and pull on their sliders, separating the concrete to reveal the sweet mystery of light and sound that bounces between bamboo stalks when played upon by…
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Mustard Seed

  This is the faith found folded inside the absence of all things,   existing not for god or for man or the angels but for its own Existence.   It’s what’s left when loss and confusion have stripped away the nail from where the universe hangs.   From and for God Order your copy…
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